Frequently Asked Questions

Gun Customization

In most cases, it’s not only legal but also an American tradition. We carry the parts and accessories you need to tailor your gun to fit your firearms needs, whether it be more accuracy at the range, better tactical utility, or to be more effective as a self-defense sidearm. Your local laws may limit your rights when it comes to customization, and the final responsibility always falls to the gun owner to know the laws in their jurisdiction. JSD Supply will always be ready with legal quality parts at fair prices.

Some of the best resources for inspiration and technical know-how are right at your fingertips. Demonstration videos, instructionals, and step-by-step guides are available online. The JSD Supply blog also offers some of the top tips and tricks for the best shooting experience alongside industry and legislative news that keeps you informed. Don’t forget to be active in your local firearms community, where you will find experienced Second Amendment hobbyists, amateur gunsmiths, and like-minded patriots who can help you elevate your shooting.

We love to partner with firearms parts and accessories manufacturers who center their business on the American traditions and constitutional rights that help everyday Americans protect their loved ones, hunt, and compete with quality firearms they can count on.

Gun Building

An unfinished receiver is not a weapon yet. It requires drilling, milling, machining, and further assembly before it can be used to create a functional firearm. Unfortunately, under the direction of President Biden, the Justice Department and the ATF have changed how 80% lowers are regulated for sale. While we still offer quality parts that can be used to finish lower receivers, JSD Supply does not currently offer unfinished receivers.

Ghost guns are firearms that are manufactured by private citizens for their own personal use, which means they aren’t required by the Federal government to be serialized and that do not require ATF paperwork or background checks. This can include guns built from 80% lower receivers, 3D printed frames, or gun kits.

Will I need a license or permit to carry my completed gun in my state?

Please see the NRA List of Gun Laws by State for detailed information on the laws where you live.

Buying And Shipping Your Parts

All orders are shipped from Prospect, Pennsylvania, using USPS Priority Mail. This keeps shipping costs as low as $9-$16 dollars while ensuring trackable delivery to the majority of United States addresses.

We accept Paypal and Bitcoin only. Please understand that your billing and shipping address must match, and the address cannot be changed after the fact.

Individual manufacturers offer warranties against material defects and workmanship in many cases. Be sure to check your packaging or the manufacturer’s website for details. For JSD Supply branded parts, we stand behind our customers by offering a full guarantee against manufacturing defects. Contact us to arrange for returns or replacement. Even if your parts aren’t from our own private line, you can count on us to do everything in our power to support you after the sale with top-tier customer service.

Still Have Questions?

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