Without tires, how can you drive a car? Well, you won’t get much done without some solid magazines either! We carry OEM magazines from Glock and aftermarket options as well from Magpul and ETS. These magazines come in low (10 rounds) and standard capacities (15 rounds). Please make sure you reside in a state that does not restrict standard capacity mags or we will not be able to ship them to you. 


While using the GST-9, take note of which grip module you are utilizing. If installed with the compact grip module, you will be able to accept the following:

  • OEM G19 Magazine
  • OEM G17 Magazine
  • Magpul G19 Magazine
  • Magpul G17 Magazine
  • ETS G19 Magazine
  • ETS G17 Magazine

However, if you are running the large grip module you will only be able to use G17 magazines across all aforementioned brands. If using our brass competition grip, you’ll need G17 magazines along with base plate extensions for best operation. 


G19 magazine extensions are fun. They can give you the G19X look, increase your capacity with more rounds and make the mags drop faster when empty as well. If you live in a state that doesn’t have magazine capacity restrictions, definitely opt for extended baseplates to take full advantage that they offer. If you’re in a restricted state, aluminum +0 base plates are your next best option. While they do not extend your magazine’s capacity they still increase the overall weight enough to assist in making a smoother mag drop and faster reload times.


While the anti-gunners may call G19 10 round magazines as “standard capacity,” don’t be fooled. 10 round magazines are not standard, they are low capacity, as gun control regulations have lowered the standard capacity due to arbitrary laws. Any Glock 19 or Glock 19 style handgun, such as the GST-9, is capable of accepting G19 and G17/34 magazines that hold anywhere from 15 to 50 rounds (when the compact grip module is installed).


Speaking of “high capacity” mags, according to the anti-gunners, essentially, any magazine capable of housing more than 10 rounds is considered a high capacity magazine. Unfortunately, we have to abide by these laws so if you do live in a restricted state we will not be able to ship these magazines to you. 


For smoother and faster magazine drops, try out The Gun Co’s aluminum base pads which are designed for Magpul Pmags for Glocks. If you’d like to extend your magazine’s capacity the Glock Extended base pad from ZEV is a great option as it adds 5 rounds and will work for both 9mm or .40cal.


Among the Glock magazines for sale at 80 Percents Arms, we’ve thoroughly researched and tested all of them with extraneous use through the GST-9 and can confirm that they will work great for you too. Pick up some more Glock magazines today so you can spend more time on the range shooting and less time loading mags.