If you don’t have an OEM Glock slide to slap onto your new GST-9 build we have our very own G19 compatible slide offerings made in-house. See the perfect slides that can complete your GST-9 frame into the gun it was meant to be.


Most aftermarket Glock slides can be pretty pricey while offering only a couple of features and with the selection of certain color finishes it can become even more expensive. Some people will even opt to have their OEM Glock slides milled out to accept a red dot sight or cut outs made to have more serrations in the slide for better ergonomics and control. Skip all of that and see the comprehensive G19 style slides we have to offer that are both functional and phenomenal. Aftermarket Glock slides are part of what makes the GST-9 platform so modular, as you can find an aftermarket slide that can turn your gun into a a Glock 17 or Glock 34 length if you choose!


The Wraith Slide is exceptionally abundant with what many see as industry standard features on a handgun’s slide today which include — 4 ported windows, two of which can act as vents if using a ported barrel, RMR slide cut, forward serrations, weight reduction cut out and scaling on the top for aggressively positive thumb-press checks. It also comes in anodized black or flat dark earth. A complete package for someone who wants a tricked out GST-9 or Glock pistol without needing to send off their OEM slide to a gunsmith to work on.


The Shadow Slide is our version of what a duty slide looks like. A no-nonsense Glock 19 slide that doesn’t have any ported windows but still has forward slide serration along with grooves on the top for an increased area to do quick press checks. Of course, it is also optics ready and will accept any red dot sight that has the same footprint as the Trijicon RMR. 


There are many benefits to buying an additional Glock slide if you already have an OEM one. While never advisable, if you do have to sell your handgun it may be worth more without as many modifications or changes made to it. You’d get more of your money back if you sold that aftermarket Glock slide alone. We offer several different sizes and styles of Glock slides for sale, so you’re able to customize and build your gun exactly how you envisioned it.