Get your OEM and premium aftermarket Glock lower parts here from 80 Percent Arms. We carry everything you need to complete your GST-9 build and to upgrade it as well!


When you purchase a GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit it comes with an OEM G19 lower parts kit straight from the Glock factory. However, due to overwhelming demand and global supply chain issues we may have limited availability of OEM lower parts kits. However, if you wanted an aftermarket lower parts kit in the first place for extended controls or other upgraded parts we do carry those as well.


If you’re looking to immediately improve the performance and feeling of your GST-9, consider a drop-in trigger! We carry fantastic options from ZEV and Apex Tactical. Changing your OEM trigger out for an aftermarket Glock trigger is easy and a quick way to take your shooting experience to the next level. Also, aftermarket Glock triggers are among the most common and easy upgrades to a Glock lower parts kit, so the switch couldn’t be easier!


Not satisfied with OEM Glock controls? Try out our Glock extended controls that are machined in house! With an extended slide lock release lever, you’ll have faster reloads and decrease those split times between shots when changing out for a new mag. An extended magazine release button can help with that as well — instead of breaking your grip to hit that small button, get an aftermarket solution to drop your mags with ease and speed. While our GST-9 frames do come with compact and full size grip modules, we also offer hefty competition sized grips made of brass to give your GST-9 increased weight, balance and superior reloads with its oversized magwell.