It’s no secret that many, including us, hold the stock Glock sights in high contempt (and for good reason too). The rear U-shaped sight has a lot of space which the front sight does not fill up well which makes it difficult for beginners and experienced shooters alike to shoot well with. Skip the unnecessary learning curve and pick up some aftermarket Glock sights and an optic to get every possible advantage you can!


Among all the aftermarket Glock sights out there we are big fans of XS, Trijicon and TruGlo. Their Glock sights are great options for aiming at targets clearly no matter what time of day or what your light situation is. These iron sights for Glock are well worth the money to keep your aim straight and true.

XS Big Dot sights for Glock feature tritium night sights in their big dot for the front sight and a V-shaped rear sight. Due to the rear sight’s shape, it gives an unobstructed view of the front sight, making it easy to pick up targets and clearly aim down range. XS also offers other Glock sights if you’re looking for a more traditional 3-dot style setup.

If you’re planning on running a Trijicon RMR, it’s only proper that you pair it with a set of Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Suppressor Height Glock sights. Based on the name of the sights, yes, they are perfect for those who plan on running a suppressor as well. As a backup sight, you need Glock sights that will clear your red dot sight or be tall enough so that you can reliably aim at targets in the event your optic’s battery dies. If you’re not planning on running a red dot sight or a silencer, you could also opt for Trijicon’s HD XR night Glock sights. They’re low profile and feature an orange circle in the front sight which helps make target acquisition easier and faster. These Glock aftermarket sights are great for a variety of functions and purposes.

For a more budget friendly fiber optic Glock sight, TruGlo is a good choice. They’re affordable and extremely effective in absorbing ambient light to produce bright dots for the front and rear sights. If you want TruGlo Glock sights that will glow in the dark, no problem. Get the TruGlos that have tritium in them. Our personal favorite is the TruGlo TFX Pro sights for Glock.


As far as Glock optics go you are limited to what pre-cut slides’ red dot sight footprint they come with. If you’re using our Wraith or Shadow slide, look no further than Trijicon’s 3.25 MOA adjustable RMR or the Holosun 507C X2. The RMR is a classic red dot sight that you just can’t go wrong with. However, the Holosun is a bit easier on the pocket and also offers a great shooting experience with a variety of reticles depending on which 507 model you purchase.

Glock red-dot optics have become increasingly popular in the past several years, as milling your slide, or buying aftermarket slides which come already milled for Glock Optics. Glock Red Dots give users faster target acquisition, and the ability to focus on their target rather than one the front sight. This gives you a clearer sight picture, and Glock optics have proven themselves not just in competition, but in combat as well.