22 Jobber Drill


#22 Jobber Drill for use with P80 milling program.


22 Jobber Drill

  • 118° Split Point (crankshaft point) – Split point is self centering and reduces the need for end thrust.
  • Friction at workpiece is reduced.
  • 118° point angles are ideal for use in materials such as mild steel and cast iron.
  • The 118° point creates easily controlled chips which are wide and thin.
  • DRILL BIT SURFACE TREATMENT – Bright Finish Jobber Drills have no surface treatment and are supplied in the as-ground condition. These tools are suitable for general purpose use, particularly for non-ferrous applications.

Split Point  118°

Diameter  22 gauge

Diameter   3.99 mm

Flute Length  2

“Overall Length3-1/8”


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