Ar-15/ar-308 Jig Piece – Front Takedown


Ghost Gunners Front takedown jig piece for use with mil spec AR-15 and AR-308 80% lowers.


Ar-15/ar-308 Jig Piece – Front Takedown

After considering everybody’s feedback regarding jigs, we were able to develop our Ultimate Jig. With this jig, you are now able to build both AR-10 and AR-15 80% lowers. Our alignment tool that ensures the pocket is always centered in combination with our oversized top plates allows for very smooth and consistent finishing. Pair that with our press fit stainless steel drill bushings and depth gauge (included with the jig), you will have yourself the perfect tool to finish any top-tier AR rifle. Besides your jig and tools, the only other thing needed to get your project going is a drill press or a hand drill and router.

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Drill Bushings
  • Alignment tool
  • Depth gauge for quickly setting tool length
  • CNC-machined from solid aerospace billet aluminum
  • Laser-etched Right/Left markings and drill hole sizes for convenience
  • Individually replaceable plates
  • Type III hard coat anodized
  • Optional high quality tooling package includes all bits required to finish your AR-15 or AR-10 lower. These are the same bits we use in our commercial CNC machines at the Juggernaut Tactical factory
  • If instructions are properly followed, the jig kit can be used to finish up to 25 lowers, or more
  • Made in the USA
  • Not guaranteed to fit all AR-10 lowers, due to differences in manufacturing

No longer comes with flashlight due to COVID-19-related delays.

Tooling package comes with:

  • 1 ea. 0.375″ Cobalt Drill
  • 1 ea. 0.3125″ Cobalt Drill
  • 1 ea. 0.156″ Cobalt Drill
  • 1 ea. 5/16″ Carbide Endmill


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