Ar-15 Ept Classic Lower Parts Kit


The Defender Classic Lower parts kit starts with our standard LPK and upgrades to a polished fire control group in nickel, and standard safety.


Ar-15 Ept Classic Lower Parts Kit

What good’s that shiny new upper you bought for your AR build, if it doesn’t have a quality lower build kit to finish off the other half? Instead of guessing which parts to grab – the lower parts kit, the right buffer, a good pistol grip, and everything else – just grab it all n’ go with one click. Our lower build kit options include all parts required to outfit a barreled upper assembly, turning it into a ready-to-roll AR rifle or pistol build.

What’s in a Lower Build?

Just about everything you need (minus some basic gunsmithing tools, like a castle nut wrench and roll pin punches) to build out the bottom half of your AR’s two assemblies. A lower build kit includes the following components, which are all you need to make an upper receiver function with a magazine, trigger, and buttstock and/or buffer tube (if building a pistol):

  • Lower Parts Kit (fire controls, pins, and springs)
  • Standard pistol grip with screw and crush washer
  • Mil-spec Carbine buffer tube (works with rifles and pistols)
  • Mil-spec buffer and recoil spring (buffer weight depends on caliber)
  • Forged or billet 80% lower receiver (requires an 80% jig to fabricate)


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