Ar308/ar10 Takedown and Pivot Pins


These improved pins are slightly longer to make take down much faster and easier. The ends have a divot to allow the use of a bullet tip without the fear of slipping. Used on the Mk3 platform that is based on the LR308 patterned .308 rifle.


Ar308/ar10 Takedown and Pivot Pins

We patterned our AR-308 to take a standard AR-15 LPK. The only other parts required are these longer pins, and a 308 bolt catch. TN Arms AR-308 Lowers are designed to use the standard roll pin that is used in the AR-15 LPK where as with some metal lowers a screw for the bolt catch may be necessary.

They are made of alloy steel and have a black melonite finish.

Takedown Pin Specs

  • 0.278 in diameter
  • 1.193 in length

Pivot Pin Specs

  • 0.278 in diameter
  • 1.635 in length


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