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Beretta 96 A1

If you love the unmatched performance of the Beretta 92FS or M9 and want a few extra tactical features as well as the extra power of the .40 S&W, the Beretta 96 A1 is your ultimate choice.


  • Caliber: .40 S&W
  • Length: 217 mm (8.5″)
  • Cartridge: 9×19 mm
  • Barrel length: 125 mm (4.9″)
  • Weight: 945 g (33.3 oz)
  • Magazine capacity: 12
  • Action: single/double
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Easy disassembly latch
  • Dovetail front sight
  • External hammer
  • Reversible magazine release
  • Rounded trigger guard
  • 3 magazines included

The 96A1 is an evolution of the legendary 92FS (M9), one of the world’s most successful pistols for military, law-enforcement and self-defense use. Chambered in the powerful .40 S&W, it comes with three 12-round magazines to deliver impressive firepower for any tactical use.

It is safe, accurate and reliable while offering easy operation, accessorization and disassembly; and its durability is further enhanced by a recoil buffer that greatly diminishes component stress. A pistol that bears the unmistakable Beretta looks, it is the ultimate choice for shooters wanting a professional-grade personal- or home-defense pistol that can also be easily adapted for concealed carry.

Accurate and reliable

The cold-hammer forged barrel on the 96A1 is designed to deliver great accuracy out of the box, while the dovetail-mounted front sight is easy to adjust to always keep you on target. The barrel is encased in an open slide typical of Beretta’s 90-series pistols; besides reducing weight and backward-momentum during firing, this design maximizes reliability and virtually eliminates “stove-piping.”

Easy to accessorize

The 96A1 comes with an integral Picatinny rail on which users can easily mount a variety of tactical accessories–such as tactical lights, aiming devices or even both. Additionally, the front sight is dovetail-mounted, meaning that it is adjustable for windage and can be easily replaced with an accessory front sight of the user’s choice. Order untraceable Beretta 96 A1 from us


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