Cmmg Zeroed Ar308/ar10 Mk3 Lower Parts Kit


Ready to complete your AR10/LR-308 lower receiver? The CMMG® ZEROED™ AR10 (Mk3/.308WIN) lower parts kit is just the thing you need. All parts are made in the USA and comes in convenient color-coded packets to make assembly and part identification a breeze. Check out our interactive install walkthrough video below or read the CMMG Resources LPK Install article for an in-depth breakdown. Don’t forget a Buttstock or Brace kit to complete your pistol or rifle lower. Not all .308 lowers are the same. Our kit is designed to work with our lowers (Gen 1 DPMS High-Pattern LR-308) and meet or exceed mil-spec. We would recommend checking with the manufacturer of your lower for compatibility of parts if you are not using our receiver.


Cmmg Zeroed Ar308/ar10 Mk3 Lower Parts Kit

Kit Includes:

    • ZEROED Extended Bolt Catch Mk3
    • Bolt Catch, Plunger, Spring, & Screw Pin
    • Trigger & Trigger Spring
    • Disconnector & Disconnector Spring
    • Hammer & Hammer Spring
    • ZEROED 60°/90° Adjustable Ambi Safety, Detent, & Spring
    • ZEROED Ambi Magazine Catch & Spring
    • ZEROED Extended Magazine Release Button
    • Mk3 HD Pivot/Takedown Pins, Detents, & Springs
    • ZEROED Pistol Grip, Grip Screw, & Washer
    • Buffer Retainer & Spring




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