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Eaa Girsan Mc9

The new EAA Girsan MC9 with FAR-DOT Optics.

Optics have been popping up on pistols like wildfire in recent years. The craze started with competition guns, but has worked its way into everyday carry. EAA and Girsan’s new striker-fired 9mm MC9 optics-ready pistol was designed to make the most of electro-optics, keeping the aiming point as close to the bore axis as possible.

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Type: semi-auto
  • Magazine: 17+1
  • Weight: 16.5 oz
  • Barrel length: 4.25

To do so, the patent-pending Fast Acquisition Red DOT optics (FAR-DOT) mounts directly to the slide. The arrangement allows standard iron sight to be easily co-witnessed and provides rapid acquisition in competition or high-stress scenarios.

There’s an MC9 for both the carry and completion crowd. The standard version has a 4.2-inch barrel and weighs around 1.4 pounds to make concealed carry comfortable. The match version has a longer 4.63-inch barrel, but it features lightening cuts in the slide to keep weight down to only 1.6 pounds, despite the enhanced magwell and other competitive features. Both versions ship with three interchangeable backstraps to fit a variety of shooters, and to feed from 17-round magazine. A rail allows for accessories such as lasers or lights to be added. Buy untraceable EAA Girsan MC9 online directly or contact us


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