Ghost Gunner Ar-15 Jig Set


This jig has been made specifically for the Ghost Gunner CNC mill.  It can be used with our mil-spec AR15 80% lowers to finish them.  The jig features injection-molded mounting fixtures for completing 80% AR-15 receivers with the Ghost Gunner 1, 2, or 3 CNC mills. Comes with bolts and washers.  Add the tooling kit for everything needed to complete your 80% receivers using your Ghost Gunner 1,2, or 3 CNC Machine.

This jig WILL NOT work with any other system.  It is ONLY for use in a Ghost Gunner CNC mill and nothing else.


Ghost Gunner Ar-15 Jig Set

ig set custom designed to allow 80% forged lowers from Noreen to be machined in the Ghost Gunner machine.

Since the rear takedown pocket does not come machined like the lowers sold by Defense Distributed, custom designed code had to be developed as well. This code can be obtained by purchasing a flashdrive with the latest codes and jig files from us here at GGD. Flashdrives can only be mailed to US residents at US mailing addresses.


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