Ghost Gunner P80 Starter Kit


Precision machined delrin fixture for completing Polymer80 brand 80% PF940C Compact polymer frames. Includes all necessary bolts, and tooling.

This jig WILL NOT work with any other system.  It is ONLY for use in a Ghost Gunner CNC mill and nothing else.

* Note: we do not currently ship lowers or jigs to residents of and persons in New Jersey.


Ghost Gunner P80 Starter Kit

Includes all necessary bolts and tooling:

    • 1/4″ collet
    • 4mm collet
    • 1/8″ collet
    • 3 M4x60 bolts
    • 2 M4x30 bolts
    • 4 M4 washers
    • 2 non-captive nuts
    • 2 M4 t-slot nuts
    • Onsrud 1/4″ End Mill
    • #22 Jobber drill
    • 3MM drill

Note: the jig starter kit does not include the Polymer80 80% frame.

*Note: we do not currently ship lowers to residents of and persons in New Jersey or to persons or locations outside the United States


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