GST9 – MOD 1 – Billet Grip



GST9 – MOD 1 – Billet Grip

Introducing the all new billet grips for the GST-9 MOD1. The GST-9 frame has always had a small and large grip module selection, giving users the option to have a G19 or G19X style profile with their 80 percent pistol builds. Now, with the new MOD1 billet grips, users can enjoy a larger flared magwell and the feel of a textured palm swell to enhance the experience with their MOD1 builds.

The MOD 1 billet grip is definitely not just for show. Along with looking fantastic, the increased weight improves the balance of a built-out MOD1, enhances the grip; by giving users better recoil control it also improves shooting performance. And of course, the flared magwell serves to assist in faster reloads with a larger mouth diameter than the stock grip modules.

Currently, the billet grips are offered in Anodized Black and Burnt Bronze.

*Please note, this grip was designed for specifically the MOD1 and is not compatible with the Legacy frame.


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