Replacement Parts for Universal Drill Press 80% AR-15 Jig



Replacement Parts for Universal Drill Press 80% AR-15 Jig

The 80% Arms universal drill press AR-15 jig consists of 5 individually replaceable plates that show you where to drill or mill your lower. We recommend it as a more cost effective option for more experienced users who already own a drill press. For those looking for the simplest, fastest system to complete a lower, we highly recommend our router based Easy Jig™ system.

Our universally compatible drill press jig makes finishing your 80% lower at home with a drill press or mill much easier. Every part of this jig is reusable and can be used to make dozens of lowers. This AR-15 jig is NOT compatible with our .308 lowers or Easy Jig tool kit.

*Please note, the standard finish for this jig is silver, not anodized gray.
*We guarantee our Gen 1 AR-15 Drill Press Jig will fit all forged and billet AR-15 lowers except for New Frontier Armory,  Iconic Industries, and lowers with a Ambidextrous Bolt Release.
Appearance may vary based on availability

Lower Replacement Program: In the remote chance you make a mistake while using an 80% Arms Jig that damages your 80% Arms lower, we will replace your lower at a 50% discount off of the list price.


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