Sig Sauer P320 Compact Pistol Build Kit


Compact sized P320 Pistol Build Kit


Sig Sauer P320 Compact Pistol Build Kit

P320 grip module
Complete Compact Sized slide
Black nitride barrel

The P320 Compact LPK includes:


    • Lightweight Adverse Trigger


    • Trigger Bar Spring


    • Trigger Bar Stop Pin


    • Trigger Bar


    • Sear


    • Sear Pin


    • Sear Housing


    • Sear Spring X2


    • Sear Housing Pin


    • Safety Lever


    • Safety Lever Pivot Pin


    • Takedown Safety Lever


    • Takedown Safety Lever Spring


    • Takedown Lever with O-Ring


    • Mechanical Disconnector


    • Slide Catch Lever Pin


    • ** Does not include magazine


  • **Does not include Sig P320 80% Frame (Chassis)


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