TTI Grand Master Connector Kit for Gen 3 Glock



TTI Grand Master Connector Kit for Gen 3 Glock

The TTI Grand Master Connector Kit is great for shooters who know their way around a Glock and are looking for that optimal set-up.

This kit is designed for all Glock models aside from Glock 42 and Glock 43 firearms and brings down the trigger pull to an average of 3-5lbs! (Varies from Glock to Glock).

This trigger package will provide the lightest, smoothest, and cleanest trigger break as they are made from extremely hard SAE 1075 Heat-Treated Tool-Steel, highly polished, and the only connector that is electroless nickel plated ( MIL-C-26074E Military Standard ).

This process achieves a light, clean smooth break with specially designed chrome silicone springs to remove some of the take-up and add a faster reset while reducing brittleness.


Kit includes:

  • 1x TTI GM Electroless Connector.
  • 1x TTI Reduced power Striker Spring (Only for Competition Version)
  • 1x TTI Trigger-return Springs.
  • 1x TTI Reduced Power-Plunger Spring.
  • 1x TTI Stainless Steel Rear Trigger Pin.


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