Tactical lights aren’t just accessories to look good on your 80% Glock. They serve a functional purpose to positively identify potential threats at long distances in low light situations. When up close and personal, sometimes, a bright light is all you need to subdue a person. SureFire doesn’t call their tac lights as ‘weapon lights’ for no reason. 


To pick a good Glock flashlight, make sure you look for the following factors, specifications and ask these questions — How many lumens is it? What is the candela output? What is its overall weight with batteries? What kind of batteries does it utilize? How long is the Glock flashlight’s average runtime? How many different ways can it be mounted? Will it fit comfortably into an IWB or OWB holster? Check out some video reviews online to see which Glock flashlight will work best for you and your needs. 


We refer to the Glock 19 because our GST-9 frame is modeled to have a similar shape as the G19 Gen 1-3. The GST-9 features a picatinny accessory rail which can host a tac light just as the G19 can. The best Glock 19 is going to be either the SureFire X300 Weapon Light or the Streamlight TLR-7A Pistol Light. Finding a Glock 19 holster with light is also not difficult. You can find a wide variety of options from companies such as LAS Concealment, T-Rex Arms, Safariland, G-Code or QVO Tactical. 

Keep in mind, having a GST-9 with a X300 is akin to carrying a G17 length holster. So if you plan on carrying an IWB Glock 19 holster with light, that may not be comfortable. In terms of ergonomics and the highest level of comfort, using a TLR-7A will be much better as the light runs flush with a Glock 19’s slide and doesn’t stick out past the frame like how the X300 does.