Bead Blasted Billet .308 80% Lower Receiver


STILL SHIPPING: We continue to ship lower receivers in accordance with the new ATF rule.


Bead Blasted Billet .308 80% Lower Receiver

These lowers are bead-blasted, meaning once you mill out the remaining 20% of this lower, it will be immediately ready for your custom paint job, or finish. The bead blasted finish is not meant to be left as-is.

The 80% Arms Bead Blasted Billet .308 80% Lower Receiver has been machined to MIL-SPEC tolerances to ensure the highest quality lower receiver. We pride ourselves in the highest quality and ensure you get the best lower receiver by implementing a multi-inspection process to ensure you get the very best .308 lower receiver for your build.

The threaded bolt catch screw that is required with our .308 lowers does not come with our lower. However, it does come standard in our .308 Lower Parts Kit.


  • DPMS Gen 1 Pattern Compatibility – 
    Because the AR10/AR308 platform was never standardized by the US Military like the AR15 was, there are over a dozen different platforms on the market today. While most components (barrels, triggers, buffer tubes, stocks) are interchangeable, the fit between the upper and lower receivers are not. We utilize the DPMS Gen 1 pattern, as it is the most common and universal of the platforms. Popular brands to match to our lowers are:
    -Aero Precision
    -Thunder Tactical
    -Anyone who lists DPMS Generation 1!
    (We receive many requests about the Palmetto State Armory PA10 platform, and it will NOT work. To our knowledge, the PA10 platform is not compatible with any other brands outside of Palmetto State)
  • Type III Hard Anodized Black to Milspec
  • Compatible with both DPMS and SR-25 Magazines.
  • 5-axis CNC machined from billet to extremely tight tolerances
  • Integral trigger guard
  • Semi / Safe selector marking engraved
  • Ultra-tough reinforced billet design
  • Broached magwell
  • Rear takedown lug area comes already milled out
  • Proudly made in USA

Operations left to complete are as follows: fire control group, trigger pin, hammer pin, trigger slot and safety selector. This item does not require an FFL.

Compatible with Gen 2 & Gen 3 Jig. Not compatible with Gen 1 308 Easy Jig® & Drill Press Jig.


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