Glock Menendez Spring 17 Round


This spring can be used with a 3D printed 17 round Menendez Mag with no modification.

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Glock Menendez Spring 17 Round

Deterrence Dispensed Menendez magazines are double stack 9mm magazines that are compatible with Glock/Polymer80 pistols. Each magazine is 3D printed and includes a Wolff +10% power spring to improve feeding and magazine performance. Each magazine also includes an eSun ABS body to decrease warping and improve the lifetime of the magazine through reduced feed lip wear. The follower, locking plate, and base plate are made from eSun PLA+. These 17 round magazines have a red follower and locking plate to distinguish them from their 15 and 30 round counterparts.

These magazines were designed by Deterrence Dispensed and are available for download via a public domain license. The designers are active on Keybase and accept donations in the form of various crypto currencies. The magazine is named for Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Senator who is an outspoken opponent of the right to keep and bear arms.


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